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Q: What do you bring to the Court of Common Pleas that your opponents do not?

A: 22 years as a sitting judge in Magisterial District Court 15-3-04 where my court disposed of over 100,000 cases.

The least number of appeals of any other MDJ court in Chester County.

Known judicial demeanor.

Over 39 years of experience in the general practice of law.

A Adjunct Professor of law teaching 5 different Law Classes, including Criminal Law and Constitutional Law, at 2 major local Universities.

The respect of those attorneys, Republican and Democratic alike, who regularly appeared in my court. Please see my testimonials.

Q: If elected, what would be your goals for the Court?

A: My goal would be to promote an expansion of the diversionary courts, such as the Mental Health Court, the Veteran’s Court and the Drug Court. Good people sometimes make bad decisions, it doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. Therefore, jail isn’t always the best option. Helping people by offering alternatives such as counseling and treatment are often the better answer. It not only helps the defendant and his or her family it also saves the tax payers money and reduces recidivism.

Q: I’ve heard the term “Black Robe Disease”. What does that mean?

A: Black Robe Disease is the term used to describe an attorney who takes on an air of condescension once they assume the bench. They tend to treat those appearing before them as inferior, fail to listen to both sides with an open mind and fail to rule impartially.

A good judge interprets the law, does not create it.

They also treat everyone who appears before them with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Q: Why did you leave the Bench to begin with?

A: The 9th Senate District seat became open when Senator Pileggi went to the Court of Common Pleas Bench in Delaware County. Because the portion of Delaware comprising the 9th had turned Blue and I had bipartisan support and name recognition in the portion of Chester County comprising the 9th, primarily my judicial district, I knew I could take the seat because I could win Chester County which was predominantly Republican at the time. One could not win the seat without taking Chester County.

Being a Judge, the Code of Judicial Conduct required me to retire in order to run for any seat other than a judicial seat. Therefore, I was forced to retire in order to run.

I retired and ran to win the seat so the Democrats could add to their Senate numbers and avoid a veto override.

I retired December 1st and 5 days later found out that Delaware County was supporting a candidate from their own area.